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Lose 10 lbs by June 1st !!!

Bikini season is here, are you ready?  If so, take the #Diosachallenge and put your money where your mouth is!  Bet $20 that you can do it and we'll provide you with personalized workouts, nutritional counseling and accountability, and support.  What do you have to lose (exempt those last 10 pounds?)  Call 508-309-3543 or email for details and say, "Im IN!"
Massage Therapy at Diosa! 
New Client Special!  2-3-4 for $99!
Two 90-minute massages
Three 60-minute massages, or
Four 30-minute massages
Any for $99!  
Deep Tissue, Swedish, and more! 

Class Schedule

5pm Yoga with Samela
6pm Zumba with Miranda
6pm Barre with Jenna
6pm Pole Dance with Dianna
7pm Pole L2 with Paulina

6pm BABE-licious with Liz
6pm Bodylicious with Paulina
6pm Open Pole / Conditioning
8pm Pole Dance with Paulina

7am Abs & Bootylicious with Jenna
5pm Bellylicious with Paulina

6pm Zumba with Dianna
6pm Barre with Paulina
7pm Pole L2 with Paulina
7:15 Divalicious with Maureen

5:30pm Yoga with Catherine
6:30pm BABE-licious with Paulina
6:30 Bodylicious with Paulina

7:15 Pole Dance with Paulina


6pm BABE-licious with Paulina
6pm Pole Dance Multilevel Combos with Suzanne

7:15 pm Flexibility with Suzanne  

9:30 Zumba with Toni
10:30 Yoga with Samela
12n Pole Dance with Dianna

9am Power Yoga with Paulina
10am Disco Barre with Paulina
11am Bellylicious with Paulina
12n Divalicious with Corinne
1pm Pole Dance L1 with Paulina


Meet one of our Coaches! 

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