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Twerkout Workout & 
Girl's Night Out

Friday August 5th

7:00 pm

Ever wonder how dancers and celebrity singers bounce and shake their money makers? How about those girls who twerk like pros? Get ready for a booty bouncing, rump shaking workout that will give you a seriously high and tight backside. In this hour and half workshop, you will learn from a certified twerk instructor how to twerk, grind, wine, shake, bounce and isolate your booty cheeks. #letmetrainyourcheeks. This is a great class for all ages and backgrounds. No experience is required. Bring your friends for a fabulous girls night out.

Summer Cancellations 
Zumba at 9:30am Cancelled
Friday evening classes by appointment only

Saturday July 23rd Dianna gets married!  
(no pole dance)
Sunday July 24th Disco Barre and Bellylicious cancelled
Sunday July 24th Divalicious is ON!
August 19-30 Paulina on Vacation - Limited classes

10 WOWSA! $150 
Sign up TODAY!

Class Schedule

5pm Yoga with Samela
6pm Barre with Jenna
6pm Pole Dance with Dianna
7pm Pole L3 with Paulina

12:30 Pole dance with Paulina
6pm BABE-licious with Paulina

6pm Bodylicious with Paulina
6pm Open Pole / Conditioning
7pm Pilates with Paulina
7pm Open Pole 
8pm Pole Dance with Paulina

5pm Bellylicious with Paulina
6pm Barre with Paulina

6pm Pole with Dianna
7pm Pole L2 with Paulina
7:15 Divalicious with Maureen

5:30pm Yoga with Paulina
6:30pm BABE-licious with Paulina
6:30 Bodylicious with Paulina
6:30 Open Pole

7:30 Pole Dance with Paulina


Evening workouts by appointment only

10:15 Yoga with Samela
12n Pole Dance with Dianna

10am Disco Barre with Paulina
11am Bellylicious with Paulina
12n Divalicious with Corinne


Watch the #SexyBack2016 video here! 

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