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Paulina's Pole Jam

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Whether celebrating your last days of single hood before you get married, or marking the beginning of freedom after a tough divorce, make your party unforgettable!

You won’t be hanging upside down by your ankles (unless you already know how to do that…), but you’ll learn some sexy moves that are certain to impress your friends. You will learn how to strut your stuff, spin around the pole, roll your hips and seduce on and off the pole, all with Paulina's fun and supportive guidance. A short performance at the end, is sure to please everyone in the room, with some unforgettable moments!

Plan on an hour (or two) of friends, pole and lots of fun for an unforgettable event that you will be talking about for years.  You bring yourselves and Paulina brings the pole.  Have the party at your place, at a rented space, or have Paulina find a place for you! 

Pictures are encouraged and Paulina is an expert at getting you at your perfect angle.  This much fun should be forbidden!  Thankfully it's not! Bring your attitude and your sexy sassy self to a fun filled evening where you will walk away with some new skills. You never know when you might have to use them!